What Renovations Require Council Approval?

Whether you’re doing a residential or commercial renovation, the scale of the operation is crucial. Working with a professional contractor is highly recommended. This keeps you in the loop on what needs council approval and what doesn’t.

Making modifications to a house or building can be a major or minor process. You may need council approval to carry out some renovations. Replacing your windows, doors and floor tiles are examples of minor renovations. They don’t necessarily need council approval, even though there are major regulations to be followed since these are areas tied to energy consumption. 

Major alterations, however, like raising your floor, may need approval. Most external renovations will definitely need council approval. Building outdoor houses, putting up fences, decks and patios are good examples.

Working with a professional contractor can help you know how to avoid penalties. Let’s have a better look at what renovations need approval:

Raising Floors And Removing Walls

You may want to do some major alterations to your house’s interior. A bigger kitchen or bathroom, perhaps. This would require a significant amount of spacing, probably removing a wall or two. You might also want to raise or level your floors as preferred. Such major structural alterations would certainly need council approval.

Wiring, Plumbing And Drainage

You may have problems with your house’s electric wiring. Plumbing and drainage systems are also some frequent problem areas. These are extensive renovation projects that would require the involvement of local authorities, particularly the draining. By seeking approval from your council, you can actually access maintenance services at the local level. This saves you the hassle of looking for contractors to handle the renovation.


Carports are shelter structures that normally extend from the house’s exterior. They act as mini shelters for your car. Depending on how big you want your carport to be, you can construct it as an independent structure. It’s definitely a major change that needs approval.


Pergolas are outdoor structures that can feature different themes. Ever seen a garden that forms a corridor or walkway, complete with a roof? That’s a pergola. Pergolas are also excellent places to relax from the day’s heat and enjoy a glass of iced tea. Such a major change or addition may need council approval.


A patio or deck is an extension from the main house. They’re usually wooden and flat. Patios are mostly constructed on the backside of the house. Patios can be used as an extra dining set or for weekend barbecues. Being a major external renovation, patios would certainly need council approval.

Fences and sheds

As much as you’re the sole owner of your property, erecting a fence may require council approval. Even constructing simple structures like sheds may need approval. Ensure you specify as to whether the shed is meant for storage or living purposes.


Are you tired of having to cut through your lawn as you come home from work? Driveways are a much convenient feature. They also add appeal to your external decor. Most driveways will directly connect to the estate road. You may require council approval before you construct your driveway.

There is some good news here! Resin driveways are SUD’s compliant, which means they are porous and need no additional drainage, therefore need no council approval to install. Check this website for some good relevant information- www.resindrivewayswalsall.co.uk

In summary, the majority of minor extensions do not need council approval provided you stick to the required guidelines put in place by the Local Planning Authority.  It would be great to check with them before carrying out a renovation. However, major structural alterations, new additions and changing the use of your building are the key areas you’ll probably need planning permission before completing them. Speak to a reliable home renovation expert to learn more.

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